About Us

TVXQ Piano Site started off as a piano project by Lina who fell for TVXQ's charms in the singing style of  a cappella. I started to play their songs by ear and found that most of their ballads are possible to be played on the piano. I decided to transcribe their songs just for fun. Then, I started recording those songs and posted them on Youtube. Garnering many reviews, I was encouraged to share my transcriptions, thus setting up a site to share my work with other piano players.

Initially, TVXQ Piano was housed at DBSK Archives. Only recently we decided to move here. Many fail to realize that all transcriptions are non-official published scores are solely done by me. 2 years back, I did this as a hobby as I had plenty of time in her hands. Since completing graduate school, I am now a music lecturer at a private university. Hence, there are many transcription projects on hold because there are much more important matters to tend at hand.

I feel sorry for the followers & supporters of TVXQ Piano because many of the transcriptions have been put on hold for a very long time. I have yet to find time to finish it because of other commitments. Also, some of the demands can be overwhelming, thus making it a chore instead of a hobby. I am utmost grateful and appreciative of the wonderful patience that her fandom sisters have.

Other contributors are also in new stages of their lives [freshman year in uni, work, etc..]. Therefore, all of us find it hard to maintain a site since we are all very specialized in our fields [transcriptions, a cappellas, tutorials, design...]

On March 26, 2011; it is with deep regret that I have decided to close this site. Due to new chapters in our lives that it is with utmost sadness that I am unable to continue to keep this site updated and alive.

On behalf of the TVXQpiano team:-

We are a few of the many thousands of Cassiopeians that support this awesome A Capella-dance group.
We try to fulfill as many scores, arrangements and tutorials as we possibly can.
Currently we're all extremely busy with our studies, work and lives. It is rather unfortunate that fangirling has taken a backseat.

We thank you so much for your support. and hope to keep this website running for as long as 東方神起 is here to stay.

The tvxqPiano team.
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